Too Excited

First, I want to thank all the emails and comments I’ve received. You guys are awesome! I’m glad you’re excited as I am with our little pandesal.

Second, I guess I was so excited with starting this blog that I got my calculations wrong. I’m on my 7th week of pregnancy and not 8.  So next week our little pandesal will be a little bigger than a raspberry. Far fron being a pandesal. Right now, it’s just a little blueberry. 🙂

The great thing about this 7th week is that, it is around this time that I should be on my hands and knees puking my guts out. Thank God I have not felt that. I want to say, “It already seems like an easy pregnancy”. But I don’t want to speak to soon. Next week might change.

As for cravings, I have been craving for different things. Not one specific thing. The funniest one is pizza. HA! I have never craved or looked for pizza. I guess there’s always a first. And right now, I am fancying some burgers and fries. Oh my! Must not eat junk food! Although last night, I made a really healthy version of mac and cheese. How’d I make it healthy? I added cauliflower. A whole head of cauliflower. Pureed it with cheese. So instead of cups and cups and cups full of cheese, I only used used a little bit of cheese and used some boiled cauliflower. It was to die for! I still have some leftover so I’m looking forward to eating that when I get home. You honestly wouldn’t think there was cauliflower in there. The husband loved it too. So that’s always good.

And so I’m off. We shall see if I feel like posting some preggy photos. haha! :-p Hope everyone is doing well.

PS. Nick and I are off to see Nick’s parents this weekend. We are sooo tempted to tell them but we want to wait until Thanksgiving when the whole family is there. Pray that we don’t slip. haha!


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