It has definitely been awhile since I wrote on here. I am currently writing this on the plane. On our way back from vacation in Honolulu. The last time we went to Hawaii was around this same time last year. Who know maybe we’ll do an annual trip. Our first trip it was just Nick and I, this second time I’m pregnant. Maybe the third time our boy will be with us wearing his first board shorts. Cute!!!

This is definitely the best time for our babymoon. I have enough energy to walk places and not be crazy tired. I was a tiny bit sad I couldn’t boogie board but it was still really nice just hanging out by the beach or pool. I did not think about work ’til today. Oh well.

I was pretty proud of myself ’cause I was able to paddle board for a little bit. It was my first time and I did so good that I was even able to do a yoga sequence on the board. It was hilarious because this pregnant lady was doing yoga on the paddle board and my own husband had such a hard time just getting up on it. I guess we should be praying that our boy has my balance and flexibility. Which clearly the father has a bit of trouble with.

I loved this babymoon. I hope that we can still go on a short trip on our 6th anniversary this May. That will be a month from when our boy sees the world.

I can’t believe I’m going to be a mom in 3 months!!!!


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