The Power of Prayer

Hello Friends and Family,

Jesus is surely good!  Guest blogger Papa Pandesal here.  God is so good!  Thank you for all of your prayer and faith.  Please keep praying and believing, because it’s working!

This morning, it looked as though Tanya was going to have to go into delivery.  A few hours later, she had an ultrasound, and baby Desmond looks fantastic and healthy.   He is still small, at just over 2 pounds (whereas babies at 30 weeks are usually around 3 pounds).  His lungs are making breathing motions, which is a very advanced thing to do at that age.  He is also sucking his thumb.  You guys, this is huge!  The coordination required to suck, at that age, is amazing.  And the ability to coordinate your thumb into your mouth (that’s also open) is something that usually much older babies are able to do.  Additionally, the amniotic fluid around Desmond looks healthy and plentiful.   Praise God! My son is healthy!

Tanya is doing good too.  This evening, doctors reviewed her blood work and the ultrasound, and concluded that she is healthy enough to go off magnesium (the drug used to prevent seizures and protect mama/baby’s nervous system).  Praise God!  On magnesium, Tanya felt like a weak, hot, limp noodle.  Literally.  Its so great to know both Tanya and Desmond’s nervous system is healthy again.  Oh one more thing: Tanya’s appetite is back.  This morning, she chowed down a full breakfast: rice, eggs, bacon, sausage, apple juice, and an orange!  Praise be to God!

Papa Pandesal (that’s me) got to go home a few hours ago to work (someone’s gotta work).  Grandma Pandesal (my mom) is staying with Tanya tonight.  I will go back and spend some time at the hospital tonight and then crash at home so that I can try and get a full day of work in tomorrow.

Well, that’s the update for today.  I will keep you posted.  You can share this blog with friends and family, but please use discretion.

Let us always remember the might and power of our God: the God that spoke and the world was.  The one who spoke “plants” and “animals” and they came into existence.  All He had to do was say the word.  Just say it.  And things happened.  I know and believe that at His Word, healing is here!  Please continue to pray and believe that God is not only able, but willing.  Our God is healer, lover, forgiver, defender, sweat and beautiful; faithful in every way.

-Papa Pandesal



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