Wednesday Update

Hello Friends and Family,

Last night Tanya was taken off magnesium, and shortly after her blood pressure went sky high and they had to put her back on it very quickly, as well as increase the dosage of blood pressure medication from twice daily to three times a day.  Today she is back off magnesium, which is good.  Her blood pressure remains very high (170/100).  The doctors came in earlier and said that if the high blood pressure trend continues, it may reach an unsafe level at which point they may suggest inducing labor.

It’s great that the doctors are asking what we want to do (more importantly what she wants to do).. but on the other hand, if a doctor comes up to us (with a bunch of years of experience under their belt) and says they think its best for mama to induce, well, I trust their highly educated professional opinion.  God still has His mighty hands on Tanya and Desmond.  If he is born tomorrow, well, he’s going to be born in one of the best hospitals in America.  That’s a God thing.

This (preeclampsia) thing is weird.  You ask “how is Tanya?”  Well, sometimes it looks as though her blood pressure is stable and she’s going to be in the hospital for a long time (which means a longer pregnancy, which is great), and the next it looks as though they’re going to induce labor at any minute.  But Tanya is alright, all things considered.  She took a shower today.. which is a massive accomplishment for someone who just had 2 days of magnesium.  (Imagine being in the tropics with 100% humidity, limp as a wet noodle, sweating).  A shower after getting off magnesium is very refreshing.

As for me, I went home last night and got some sleep, (I don’t know if I got any more or less than Tanya and my mom got, which wasn’t much), got up and worked from home today.  It’s good because its been my first full day of work since this ordeal began last Thursday.  I’m staying here tonight, 2 feet from Tanya.  I sent my mom home to our place for the night to relax.

We’re taking each day as it comes.  It’s almost impossible to plan (if I can go to work, for instance).

The good news is that today I put down the deposit on our soon to be new apartment!!  We get it on the 15th, and we’ll shoot for moving in on Saturday the 21st.  All muscles are warmly welcome (I’ll buy food/beer/juice), and the ladies are welcome to come decorate the place.  I’d like Tanya to be no where near when we move so that there isn’t an ounce of stress.  If you can help, we can’t thank you enough.  You know I’d do the same for you.

Thanks for all of your continued prayer and support! Thank you Belltown moms for helping get baby stuff together just in case.  Love you guys!

-Nick, Tanya, and baby Desmond


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Update

  1. Love you guys! Thanks for the updates Nick. We are available to help in any way possible (when we get back on the 10th). Tanya is amazing and so are you. You are doing a great job.
    Kevin and Amy

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