Coming Home

Today Tanya was discharged from UW Medical.  It’s bitter sweet.  On the one hand, yay, my wife’s blood pressure is finally at a semi-normal level thanks to loads of great drugs.  Yay, I don’t have to stress about the possibility that my once very healthy wife might keel over at any moment from a stroke because of a freakin pregnancy disease (which can take up to six weeks to heal).  Yay!

On the other hand, my baby boy is still in the NICU, being cared for by an amazing staff (doctors, nurses, nutritionalists, physical therapists, respiratory technicians, and countless other people) all working diligently and with great care to keep a few dozen lucky premie’s alive.  Including my Desmond.  And I count my blessings.  I really do.  But we came home today.  And because we’re home, it means it’s no longer just a quick jot up the stairs and around the corner to see my boy.  And that really, really sucks.

But the good news is: Tanya got to hold him today, for the first time ever with some “skin to skin” time.  The NICU nurses pulled up a recliner, carefully removed Des from his incubator and onto Tanya’s chest for an hour of pure bliss.  My wife and child, together at last.  I know Des loved it because before removing him from his incubator, he was making some unhappy-four-day-old-premie moves: flailing his little arms and legs and squealing like a little mouse.  On mom’s chest however, he slept, well, like a baby.   It was very therapeutic for both of them.  (I think she’s going to blog about it tomorrow, so stay tuned).

Right here I wanted to write something about pouring my heart out, but I’m so tired I can’t think anymore.. So I’m going to end this short post while it still makes sense. So I will summarize: I’m blessed because things are getting better, God surely has His mighty hand on my family, baby time is like a slice of Heaven, and being a parent (with or without Des at home yet) means: “sleep, what’s that?”

Oh ok one last bit.  Tanya and I just want to thank you for all of your care, concern, love, support, prayer, and all that you do for us.  I want you to know we truly appreciate it.  There are a couple of things that I would like help with, if you wanted to help us out.  One thing is if anyone wants to help me pack and get ready for our move on the 21st, that would rock.  The other would be to help us move on the 21st.  And then perhaps help us unpack so that Tanya can come home to a brand new apartment without having to think about it.  (I’m not letting Tanya be a part of moving because it would not be good for her health.  So if you want to take her out for the day, that would rock).  I’d love the help for the move.  Please let me know.  Keep praying for health, unity, peace (for our minds) and strength.

Love you guys,

Nick, Tanya, and Desmond


One thought on “Coming Home

  1. I can’t imagine how it hard it was to leave the hospital without Desmond. But I do know how wonderful it is to hold your sleeping child on your chest; I’m so thrilled that Tanya got a chance to do that! And you’re being a wonderful husband and father, Nick, to orchestrate the move in a way that lets Tanya recover from all she’s been through so that she can focus on being a mom. You’re both wonderful parents already!

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