Dancing the Troubles Away

Before Nick closed the door behind him, he said, “Play some music.”  Next thing I knew, I had James Brown singing to me, and I was up on my feet shaking what my momma gave me. Well what do you know, I may not have the right side of my face back, but I sure do have  a little bit of groove in me still.

You’re probably thinking, “Wait, didn’t she just have a major surgery?” Well, I had another check up with the doctor yesterday. I told her that I’m off my pain meds. Oxycodone makes me loopy and I didn’t like that. I don’t even need my Ibuprofen or Tylenol anymore. God is good, the pain is disappearing. As for my blood pressure meds, she was happy to see that my blood pressure is stable and decided to lessen the dosage I’m taking. Amen!

Desmond on the other hand is doing so good. He’s such a funny little guy. The other night when Nick and I went to visit him. We saw that there was something on his mouth. I told Nick, “Hunny look! He has a special pacifier!” There was a wire attached to the thing on his mouth and thought that the pacifier is used to check something on his body. When we asked the nurse what it was on his mouth, she had a shocked looked on her face and said, “Wait, that wasn’t there earlier. Oh, it’s his heart rate monitor! He put it on his mouth!” Haha! She was laughing so hard. She even asked one of the nurses to take a look at what our little boy did. 🙂

Then last night, the nurse told us that Desmond had a “code brown.” Which meant, he pooped so much that it came out of his diaper! Which is great news because it means he’s digesting Mama’s milk really well. Nick and I were laughing at how our little boy already has such a funny character. I think he’s going to make Mama and Papa laugh with all the funny things he’s going to do.

It has also helped that some girlfriends have come to visit me. Just hang out, talk a little and share life. It’s good to have girlfriends to cry to and not just my husband. That way Nick doesn’t think that I’m going to fall off a cliff or something. I am thankful for my girlfriends and friends who have been coming over to help us with the move, food and just hanging out with me. It has been really good to us. I am also feeling better emotionally because of it.

Nick and I also want to thank Mama Maryann for all the help in getting our new place together. I am sure Desmond will love his new room. You are an amazing grandma to little Des. Thank you also for letting me just cry. :-p Thanks to Kevin Thomson and Daniel Walkup for your help as well. Nick won’t tell me what you guys are doing but I’m sure it’s awesome!

So today, I am choosing to be happy. Despite the cards that has been dealt to us. There is joy in my heart. There is that expectation that I will see the happy ending of this story.

Please pray for:

  • Grace and strength over Nick and a whole team of friends on the big move tomorrow.
  • For God to keep giving Nick the grace, wisdom and perseverance throughout this whole ordeal.
  • For Desmond to keep growing stronger everyday.
  • For my Bell’s Palsey to disappear completely.
  • For a smooth transition into our new home.
  • For God to fill our new home with joy, comfort and peace.

I will dance. I will smile. I will believe that God is going to amaze us.


5 thoughts on “Dancing the Troubles Away

  1. Pain medications is good when you need it, but all the better when you don’t hurt at all. Glad you’re recovering, physically and otherwise. I love the story about Desomd’s “pacifer”! We’re praying for you guys.

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