Changes and Progress

Hello family and friends!

So we have updates. Des was moved to Group Health last Saturday. This move has been in the works since April. Because Group Health is my insurance, they want Des at their NICU. I guess paying UW is getting expensive for them. The thing was, they’ve told us so many times, “We’re going to move Des tomorrow to Group Health.” So we believe them and it doesn’t happen. It’s been like that a couple of times. We’d get a phone call in the morning, “Where moving Des in the afternoon.” It doesn’t happen. At one point, they put Des in a mobile incubator, and then had to put him back. So eventually, Nick and I are like, “You know what, we’ll believe it when we see it.” And it finally happened last Saturday.

The UW nurses were saying their goodbyes last Friday. The ones that took care of him at some point during his stay at UW visited him at his crib and said their goodbyes. They told him they will miss him and hope he comes to visit them soon. It was so nice to see how much they loved Des. They mentioned so many times that they loved him and enjoyed taking care of him. I’d say there definitely is favor over Des. Despite the circumstances, there is favor upon our son.

Nick and I will miss our routine at UW, the nurses and the doctors, lactation consultants,  respiratory techs, and even the front desk people. We have made friends there and we look forward to bringing Des over for a visit when he’s all better. So they can see how much they’ve helped our son with their caring hands.

But change is good. This change to Group Health has been good for Des. A good adjustment to a more quiet environment. There are no alarms going at all times, not a lot of nurses walking to and fro, and even the shift change is so quiet, Nick and I are also still trying to get used to it. Des even has one nurse solely dedicated to him. The good thing is, it only took Des one night to get used to the quietness. When we visited him yesterday, not only did he take in full feeds overnight last Sunday but he was sleeping so well. He’s also been waking up for his feeding all the time so it’s a good sign that his energy level is getting higher. Also, the nurse has figured out how to handle his grunting. He grunts a lot because of his gas and acid reflux so all we have to do is after feeding him, we just hold him for 15-30 mins on our chest and he doesn’t grunt as much. Oh and of course make sure he gets a good burp after feeding.

Last Sunday was Nick’s first Father’s day so it was nice to spend time with Des. Nick’s parents also came with us to visit Des. I realize, there are now 3 generations of Hayes’ in the fam. It was so nice to see it. Especially, the part where they all look alike. Nick’s dad, Nick and Des. They look alike! The only thing that I see right now that makes Des Filipino is that he is already darker than his dad. Haha! He might just have a good tan when he grows up.

With his feeds getting better everyday, I really feel in my bones that he will come home soon. Hopefully he gets to come home this month. Maybe in a week or in 10 days, it will happen soon. It will be very lovely!

Now that I have given you all the updates, it’s now time for photos! Yay!

Des smiles for Daddy

Des’ last photo at UW. The nurses are definitely going to miss this handsome little boy.

Daddy giving Des a bath. Don’t worry about that red mark on his face. That’s just from the tape used to keep his feeding tube in place. Look at how strong Des is, grabbing onto his tub. He loved his bath. He actually almost fell asleep at one point ’cause he was sooo relaxed.

The nurse insisted we have a photo as a family. Hehe!

Skin to skin time after Des’ bath. He was sooo happy!

A few minutes after this shot, he was asleep. It was a good night for Des. This was the same night he took in 4 full bottles. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Changes and Progress

  1. I love the good news! I am so happy that Baby Des is feeding better and growing cuter every day! Keep the pictures coming! Its awesome to see all of you finally smiling. 🙂

  2. love the family photo!! still hard to believe all that has happened the last few months, but so very wonderful to hear that Des will be home soon. The Hayes family is quite remarkable.

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